Best 10 Free Subtitle Editors for Video in 2022

Wed. 15 Dec. 2021 19061 3 min

Subtitles, in short, refer to the content of a dialogue in text form, and also to the post-processed text. Subtitles have so many meanings, they can be explanatory, express emotion, on-point, etc. Since the role of subtitles is so crucial, then the rich subtitle effects, text fonts will certainly add a lot of atmosphere to the video. 

However, adding subtitles is boring and time-consuming. Well, now there are more advanced tools to add subtitles to your videos.


Subtitles in The big bang theory

Image Source: Subtitles in The big bang theory


Here you can find the top 10 subtitle editors for various scenarios, we can't edit without subtitles, so choose the right subtitle editors for you to make video creation more easier!



1. Movavi

2. Filmage Editor

3. BeeCut

4. iMovie

5. Filmora

6. Clideo

7. Subtitle Edit online BETA

8. Subtitle Workshop

9. VideoProc Converter

10. AegiSub


1. Movavi

This all-in-one video editor will help you to create your captions from scratch or add a ready-to-use subtitle file. 



Image Source: Movavi


✅In both cases, you’ll be able to adjust the subs and change their style, and color

❌However, You need to install the additional subtitle adder to create subtitles,and charge so much

❌Besides,The trial version is available for 7 days only and has functional limitations



2. Filmage Editor

It is the best subtitle editor for beginners, but why? Because it is easy to use, beginners and inexperienced users can easily cope with it. The  website page has a very comprehensive tutorial and also a quick start in the software for instruction.


Filmage Editor



✅Filmage Editor that offers many professional effects, such as fade in and fade out, blur, typewriters and many other text effects

✅You can also change the text position and use a wide range of fonts and colors at your disposal

 ❌ You can't generate subtitles with one click



3. BeeCut

An economical Chinese video editor that supports almost all devices/platforms, including Windows and Mac devices/iOS and Android. Due to the multi-device versatility, it is easier to use the material from your phone, both for editing on your phone and for operating on your computer, which is very convenient.



Image Source: BeeCut


✅The one click identifies the video background audio and converts it to real-time subtitles with high accuracy, saving time and efficiency

❌It is a Chinese local product, mostly in Chinese

❌ Most of the features are limited if you don't have a membership



4. iMovie

iMovie is Apple's video editor for the whole public, completely free to use and without any additional fees. Its functions are not weak at all, and it can meet your basic requirements. It's also known as the best youtube video editor, with a great compatibility with YouTube.



Image Source: iMovie


✅Random customize the text size and color of the font

❌ Only for mac

❌Format is restricted, so you may encounter compatibility problems with iMovie when your video format is MKV, WMV, AVI, FLV, VOB, etc



5. Filmora

It is a reliable editing tool from Wondershare. Also, no matter how familiar you are with editing, Filmora is a good choice to use, including its easy-to-use interface and plenty of effects.



Image Source: Filmora


✅It features more than 100+ pre-programmed subtitles, texts, titles, and opening and closed credits templates. 

❌ Less function in Filmora x and the pro version is expensive

❌ Don’t have the function of creating subtitles directly



6. Clideo

It is an online subtitle editor, compatible with both phones and computers. It also has some simple video editors and is available for mac and windows.



Image Source: Clideo


✅No downloading and free up space

✅Rich fonts including Cambria, Abel, Angkor

❌Interface is not easy to operate



7. Subtitle Edit online BETA

It is a rare online translation subtitle tool, completely free and supports a variety of languages, merging and splitting subtitles and others. Also available for mac and windows.


Subtitle Edit online BETA

Image Source: Subtitle Edit online BETA


✅Supports online translation of subtitles

❌English interface only

❌You can't start without watching tutorials



8. Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop Has three main functions: creation, editing and conversion of subtitles. Besides, it can support all subtitle file formats  which means Subtitle Workshop is one of the most effective and complete professional subtitle video editors.


Subtitle Workshop

Image Source: Subtitle Workshop


✅ More than 60 subtitle types

✅Includes many advanced tools in editing subtitles such as spell check, find and replace.

❌Corrupted character after format conversion

9. VideoProc Converter

As a powerful one-stop video editor, it is responsible for subtitle making as well. Its efficiency and speed is a highlight.


VideoProc Converter

Image Source: VideoProc Converter


✅Extract Subtitles from MKV, MP4, AVI, VOB 

✅Search and download subtitles with its built-in search engine

❌Limited duration

❌After exporting video with watermark

10. AegiSub

Aegisub is a cross-platform subtitler program and video editor that includes powerful text styling tools.



Image Source: AegiSub



✅ You can manage the formatting, font size, and translation of your subtitles.

✅Automatic save and copy

❌Too difficult for beginners




The above are the top 10 outstanding subtitle editing software in 2021, you may have a whole understanding of editors.

So what do you think a good subtitle editing software should have? There are two features.

-Plenty of built-in text material

-A simple and clear tutorial guide

Filmage Editor satisfies your personal editing preferences. Besides adding subtitles, you may have more needs forabout video editing. It not only has a series of basic functions such as adding subtitles, but also has mosaic, multi-track operation, blur, making picture-in-picture and other advanced features. You can find more fun of video editing, so download Filmage Editor and try it for free now.

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