Filmage Editor for Windows is Coming! All You Need to Know

Thu. 25 Aug. 2022 980 3 mins

Filmage Editor, as one of the professional and well-loved video editors in the market, gained lots of love and positive feedback from the Mac users. We never stop working to further enhance our software, and we aim to ensure Filmage Editor can give each of our users an opportunity to create videos easily. So Filmage Editor for Windows arrives! 


The Windows version continues with a simple interface and is easy to use for everyone. It integrates rich resources and useful functions, making you create and edit videos in minutes even if you’re new to video editing! 

Highlight Features:


1. User-Friendly Interface for Quick and Easy Editing


Filmage Editor makes it easy and possible for everyone to be a video creator with its simple and user-friendly interface. You don’t even have to learn how to use Filmage Editor. Simply drag and drop video or image files and you can start creating.





2. Rich Resources


To make your videos more attractive and creative, the Windows version is also packed with rich resources such as cool transitions, text effects and sound FX, etc.  


  • Cool transitions: Use transitions to make the switching process between each video clip more dynamic and natural.

  • Text effects: Make your own caption style by adjusting the text size, color, etc. 

  • Sound FX: Add an interesting sound effect to enrich your video and attract the audience's attention.

3. Multiple Tracks Editing


To satisfy more professional and advanced editing demand, Filmage Editor supports editing up to 15 video and audio tracks simultaneously. Easily create any kinds of videos by overlaying multiple videos, audios and effects.  

4. Share Your Talent Anywhere and Anytime


You can easily create videos with 16:9, 4:3, 1:1 aspect ratios, which is compatible with popular social media platforms. You can instantly upload the finished videos to YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter without additional conversion.  





Filmage Editor for Windows is designed for both professional editors and beginners. With the simple interface and rich functions, you can create excellent videos with ease. The Windows version is totally free for everyone, hurry to download and start your creativity right now!  

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