How to Start a Travel Vlog: 6 Practical Tips for Beginners

Thu. 21 Jul. 2022 965 3 mins

Summer Vacation is coming! Do you have a strong will to share your travel experiences with your friends, family and the followers on your social media networks? Are you thinking of getting into travel vlogging but unsure how to start? I hear you! 

There are various ways to start a travel vlog. As long as you have the passion for turning your travel experiences into vlogs, you are already on a great start.

So, here’s our beginners guide to start a travel vlog and 6 practical tips we wish you knew.  


6 Tips on Making a Great Travel Vlog


1. Choose a Topic For Your Vlog     

It is really important that you take the time to consider exactly what’s the topic of your first travel vlog, and what you want to show in your videos. Instead of just turning the camera or phone on and filming aimlessly. 

Choosing a topic for your vlog will offer people a clear idea of how you want to share and express the value of your videos. Also it will keep your audiences engaged in your videos. Here are some travel vlog topics you may consider:  

  • My Best Travel Experiences In XXX

  • Budget Travel Tips

  • How To Plan Your Trip

  • 10 Unique Things To Do In XXX


2. Get the Right Equipment

What equipment are the travel vlog essentials to pack? The answer is none! It all depends on your own requirements. A professional camera, a GoPro or even a phone can all make a great travel vlog. 

However, the equipment may decide the quality of your videos. If you may just want to share the travel vlog with families and friends or you don’t have a high requirement of the video quality. You can shoot your videos with your phone. 

If you want to shoot excellent sceneries and make a high-quality travel vlog, you will need to prepare a professional camera and some extra accessories like a flexible tripod or external microphone.

One thing to always keep in mind is that your travel experiences and the value you want to share with your audiences are the most important.         


3. Include Local People In Your Vlogs

When you travel, you will meet different kinds of local people or other travelers like you. Some might approach you. You might approach some. Asking for directions, or maybe saying “hello”.

It’s a great idea to include local people in your vlogs. You can invite them to share some local cultures, local customs, traditional food or some others in your vlogs. Which will make your videos much more fun and it’s excellent content for your videos.    


4. Editing The Videos

 Editing the video is also the most important part of making a travel vlog. It is like putting different pieces of a puzzle together. 

For beginners, they don’t have much experience in video editing. So choosing a suitable video editing software will help you a lot to create a great video. 

Filmage Editor is a professional but easy-to-use video editor. Which makes it easy and possible for everyone to be a video creator even if you’re new to video editing. 

There’re rich built-in resources in the Filmage Editor such as stickers, filters, special effects, transitions, etc. With the help of it, you can create a great travel vlog with ease. 


5. Choosing The Right Music

After turning the clips into a stunning video, don’t forget to choose the right background music for your vlog. The background music is crucial to the whole travel vlog. You can choose the background music according to the vlog theme, and it’s always a good idea to put in some music that helps with the watching experience. 


6. Make Your Videos Short

Last but not least. Make your videos short, especially if it is your first time to make a travel vlog. People easily become tired of watching long videos unless the content is interesting enough. So, you’d better limit your video to 3-5 minutes. 

Of course, if you have entertaining content to fill out a long video. You can do that! But you must spend more effort in storytelling and video editing to make your videos not boring. 



Do you feel ready to get started? Hope these tips will help you to take the first step on your travel vlogging journey. So take your camera and start a travel vlog on your next trip! 

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