10 Interesting Black Friday Facts for 2021 You Must Know

Mon. 29 Nov. 2021 1047 4 min

Black Friday is the most popular holiday shopping season of the year in the United States, with many retailers reserving their deepest discounts and best sales of the year for this specific day. Prices as low as 50% annually which makes everyone want to purchase right now.

Black Friday has been developing for quite a long time. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, last year saw Black Friday's usual in-store crowds tempered. With the recovery of the pandemic, what will Black Friday look like in 2021?

Whether you've already planned to go shopping or not, it's never too late to check some of the essential Black Friday Statistics and Facts. 

In this article, we summarize the ten Statistics and Facts you can't miss in Black Friday so that you know what to expect in 2021.  

· Consumers expect to spend $430 on average for 2021

· Worthwhile stores you can't miss out on Black Friday 2021

· Black Friday 2020 raked in $14.13 billion in online sales

· Apple AirPod is the most sought-after product in 2020

· 73% of consumers prefer to go to physical stores 

· Actual Black Friday 2020 revenue sits at $188.2 billion


Let's dive right in.

1. Consumers expect to spend $430, on average, on Black Friday in 2021 (Source: Coupon Follow)

The most consumers want to buy in Black Friday deals often center around consumer electronics, such as TVs, computers, tablets, and game systems. For example,anyone on the hunt for a games console this year will want to check out this Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 and Switch Online bundle for just $299- that's a saving of nearly $80. 

2. Black Friday 2020 (Thanksgiving plus Black Friday) raked in $14.13 billion in online sales. That's a 19% increase over 2019  (Source: Adobe Analytics)

As is well known, the COVID-19 pandemic affects people's normal life and has a huge impact on the economy as well. However, the year 2020 salary increased 19% over 2019 insteading of decreasing. Not surprisingly, Black Friday will be a massively popular shopping event one day.

3. In 2020, the most sought-after product in electronics was Apple AirPod  (Source: Adobe

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Apple's commitment to quality makes AirPod products so valuable, giving it an edge to capture buyers. Besides, AirPod is less expensive and more useful than iPhone. 

AirPods' amazing sales can be seen in  Best Buy sales rank data since they started selling in Black Friday.

There is definitely demand for AirPod continuing to be phenomenal for quite a long time. 

4. Black Friday is still the best day for deals on TVs, tablets, appliances and jewelry (Source: Adobe Analytics)

These kinds of stuff belong to electronics and luxury that cost a lot. Therefore some buyers are willing to gain a cheaper price within great value on Black Friday.

5. 73% of consumers also go to physical stores to find special deals and get the best offers of the season (Source: Deloitte)

The frenzy for Black Friday can be seen in this statistic, as last year's  covid epidemic, pushed more people to shop from the sofa and avoid crowded stores and malls.This year, after the epidemic subsided, people went to stores to experience the joy of shopping.

However, the epidemic still exists, hence it's important to protect yourself while shopping.

6. Statisticians analyze that perhaps soon males will exceed females in 2021 (Source: Finder

According to Finder surveys, although the percentage of females is higher, the gap between females and males is not as large. About 48.1% of men are Black Friday shoppers in 2021. 

In terms of why they shop on Black Friday, most men do so because of the value, while women have no specific reason. 

7. Amazon topped the list of Black Friday Retail Winner 2020 (Source: Yahoo)

Online shopping is becoming a bigger and bigger part of your holiday spending rather than stores. More shoppers are opting to avoid the crowds and shop online instead. As the biggest online store-Amazon is definitely the winner. 

Are you ready to go shopping this Black Friday weekend? Or did you sit at home and click away adding more and more to your Amazon cart? I believe you have already chosen the latter. 

8. Actual Black Friday 2020 revenue sits at $188.2 billion (Source: Adobe, 2020)

Over the past few years, we often saw a large number of people flooding into the shopping mall at the moment of opening, in order to buy the discount products, but now the consuming habit is changing. For Black Friday sellers, consumers are increasingly buying online, which means concern about their business E-Commerce form for Black Friday 2021 is essential.

9. Black Friday sales extend to December (Source: Black Friday.com)

Some sellers decided to extend the Black Friday to the whole weekend, others will extend the Black Friday deals for five days. That's right: five full days. Even Amazon started offering Black Friday-worthy deals at the beginning of October this year. Black Friday is no longer about waking up at dawn to stand in long lines," said Duncan Mac Naughton, chief retailer at Walmart in the United States. " It has become a family shopping tradition where everyone shops at some point all weekend. 

10. Worthwhile stores you can't miss out on Black Friday 2021

It can be overwhelming to make your Black Friday shopping plan of attack because there are so many different stores that offer great deals. Here are two places that we recommend visiting: 

Amazon offers tons of amazing deals on Black Friday and in the months leading up to the big event. You can also take advantage of fast and free shipping as a Prime Member.

Target is another big player in the Black Friday sale space. You can get great bargains on everything from toys and tech to home goods and holiday decor.


Statistics paint a vivid picture of where things are heading in 2021 and beyond. Taking a moment to learn about these statistics and facts of last year will work in your favor.

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