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Fri. 19 Nov. 2021 2315 6 min

There are various new and unknown products in the world that make people confused. Whenever people are indecisive, they always tend to turn to others for help, or listen to others opinions, except to think with their own heads.  


After all, following in the footsteps of someone who is familiar with this product is the safest, the most convenient and effective way to take the next step. The same is true for applications. How can people choose the one that best suits themselves and best meets their needs among so many applications with similar features? Of course, the workable approach is to look at what others rate about the application. In other words, take a look at the review of the application.


Filmage Screen has received a wide range of attention since its launch, also, has acquired a large number of users. Click to know more about Filmage screen. This article is to tell you what previous users think about this screen recording software, including praises, criticism and suggestions. It is highly recommended that you read this article and hope to be able to answer your doubts.


1. Overall Performance Reviews

2. Aspects Users Found Amazing

3. Aspects Users Found Need To Be Improved


Overall Performance Reviews

Before viewing the specific comments, you can take a look at the overall ratings of Filmage Screen to understand the performance and features of it, and determine whether you need to learn more about the screen recorder.


In general, Filmage Screen was given an average 4 on all platforms, and got decent scores in the Mac App Store. Filmage Screen has also been recommended by reputed software review platforms several times:


Filmage Screen Review


Pcmacstore: Filmage Screen can be your best and last screen recorder and video editor, and video converter app for mac. This user-friendly screen recording app helps you easily record online courses, game play tricks, product demos, presentations, online meetings and more.


G2: Filmage Screen is an all-in-one screen recording and video editing software, allowing you to make amazing videos. 


MacUpdate: Filmage Screen is a professional and complete video toolbox for capturing screen, recording audio, editing video, and converting video formats on your macOS devices.


Aspects Users Found Amazing

Filmage Screen is popular with users and gets many good reviews for its rich recording forms, multiple usages, full features, friendly operation and stable performance. 


1. Rich Recording Forms

“The user can save the entire screen or select a zone. It is even possible to specify the window to capture. I only use this for screen captures and for that, it is marvelous. I’ve not had it crash, mark ups work great and the sizing is flawless. I highly recommend this product“

—— SALAMA Yousef, Product Manager


“I can't even compare it to any other software. Really great that you can capture your screen, camera, audio, and even iOS devices. It is incredible. There are unlimited recording minutes, and it is very easy to learn. Actually it is the best”

—— Zezo duda, Game & App Developer


“To be honest, I can capture my video camera, iOS device, microphone and my computer screen. Filmage Screen has the best quality screen capture available — even on Retina Displays.”

—— Emily, Student



2. Multiple Usages

“The best function of Filmage Screen is that I can still record a movie while I am playing a game!”

—— Mason, Video game streamer


“I love this App, easy, simple, my type. Sometimes I have to record my iPhone or iPad screen, I'm gonna use this application for high quality app demos.”

—— Anna, App Developer 


“A great product, there's no comparable competitor. Streaming video capture, the particularity of this program lies in the fact that it can provide assistance for users who want to record videos broadcast on the web.”

—— SALAMA Youssef, Engineers



“I have tried multiple screen recording apps. This one is by far the best. I like to use it to record my classes so I can always go back to refer to anything I may have missed. Thanks for being awesome!”

—— Goody bear, College Student


“This program is great for my business. Easy to use and lots of features. I highly recommend it.”

—— JReuter1, Sales


3. Full Features

“I love it when I get an app that exceeds my expectations! Filmage just did that. I can record my whole screen or any portion, edit the clip and add text all in the same app. The fact that you get a free trial to make sure it is what you're looking for makes it a no brainer. This version is fully functional and the upgrade, if you want, it seems very reasonably priced for all you get!” 

—— Printuh, Biochemist


“This is the one, I have tried so hard to make rob-lox videos, and now I can finally do it. all of the other screen recorders have a time limit, this app is so perfect, it has a built in editor! I mean like that’s amazing, I love it, something that would be cool would be color filters, or a blur feature, but it’s perfect even without that it’s perfect.”

—— CammandoGaming, Gamer


“I am using Filmage to transfer VHS video to digital, and it works great.” 

—— slufty, Digital camera enthusiasts


“I can record the contents of my entire life with Filmage Screen. I can even edit my video directly right here in this App without downloading so much video edit software! What a great surprise!”

—— Andrea, Vlogger


4. Friendly Operation

“I got notice of an update, I wanna say yesterday, that fixed my former problem. But it's way better than before, well deserved 5 stars, can't go wrong with this program, very user friendly! I will keep this!”

—— FalseRhythms, Marketing


“I am really impressed with this app that I stumbled on. The interface is very simple. Amazing amount of codec support, resolutions, frame rates! I like that they give you some options to do this at no charge - a fair limitation.” 

—— Matt Indy, Jewelry designer


I just found this app and it's super easy to use, as well as very convenient. It can record a video and edit it right away! What a nice function!

—— John E. Wilson, Farmer


5. Stable Performance

“I've been using this software (paid version) since mid September and with no doubt this is the best screen recording app i ever used on Mac. It works just as advertised and I have never experienced any unexpected shutdown or any other accident so far. And the quality of the recording is excellent. Features like video editor and converter are amazing.”

—— Botneo, Actuary


“I use this app over QuickTime Player for recording screen recordings. It has been a Godsend. With QT, the video either glitched, messed up frame-rates, and sometimes froze during a recording. None of those problems exist with this app. I am going to be purchasing the upgrade since it has proven itself worth the money.”

—— CaptStubbie, Business reporter


In fact, we received far more positive comments than mentioned above. Fortunately, the application, Filmage Screen, is loved by so many users. If the feedback hits your heart, or if you happen to have these needs for your screen recorder, free download and try Filmage Screen now!


Aspects Users Found Need To Be Improved

In addition to the above positive reviews, Filmage Screen has received many other valuable suggestions. We put this information out, timely improve, and constantly improve the product itself.


1. Optimize Recording Settings

“It's really good, but I can't figure out how to save my editing. It's a great app but I wish you could zoom in while recording. You should get it!” 

—— ItsMeMiggle,


“However, sometimes when I record my screen during my online meetings, I feel it is inconvenient to check how much time I have recorded on my menu bar because I run many applications on my mac that take a lot of space on the menu bar at the top of my screen. So I wonder if you guys could add a timer on the app once the recording starts? So I could know the time without checking the menu bar at the top. Thanks!”

—— Botneo, Actuary



“With two improvements it would be 5 stars! 

1. A timer to stop recording — so I don't have to supervise the recording. 

2. The ability to default my recording sources and settings preferences.”

—— slufty, Digital camera enthusiasts


“Just a little bit hard to see what the time is if i'm recording or not.” 

—— Tate0305, Reporter


2. Improve Audio Recording

“The audio in all of the videos I record comes out really static and quiet. If this is fixed I might change my rating to 5 stars.”

—— nightwl, Product tester


“I just downloaded the free version, also the audio pack, all installed fine. The program works. Video recording with sound recording from youtube (mic or sys audio). Didn't like that after finishing the recording, the laptop's sound stays mute. Note: during recording the sound was present through speakers, but not after.”

—— McDumi2, Editor


“I installed the trial version of the software using OS Catalina 10.15.6. It failed to work with the internal microphone as well as my Yeti Studio microphone.”

—— JR in the Desert, Engineers



The Filmage team took a closer look at each negative review, as well as suggestions for improvement from users, and concluded that most of the questions and suggestions were related to recording settings and audio recording. Recording settings need to be further optimized, such as adding the timer to start / stop recording and showing recording time. Audio recording because of the software mechanism settings caused most users to misunderstand, and the Filmage team needed to provide users with a comprehensive explanation to solve the misunderstanding.



In general, Filmage Screen is an all-in-one video toolbox with good ratings and reviews. You can record HD video, mirror iOS screens, edit video, make animated GIFs, convert video and do more on your Mac. There are many more features and usages worth exploring. Free download and try Filmage Screen now! If you have any additional information, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected]



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