Where Can I Get Filmage Screen's Help?

Thu. 28 Apr. 2022 1218 3 mins

With the rapid development of the video and audio industry, there is a growing demand for screen recording softwares. Filmage Screen, as one of the best and most popular screen recorders, gained a lot of love and positive feedback from different people. 

Such as, YouTubers who are working in high-quality video content creation, teachers who need to record engaging online courses, and young people who want to record videos to share their lives. Filmage Screen is a best choice for them.   

To provide you with the best experience of Filmage Screen, there are three channels that offer user manuals, video guides, How-tos and customer service, etc. In this article, we will introduce the three channels one by one and you will find the answers or help of Filmage Screen quickly.

customer service

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1. Official Website

2. Customer Support Mailbox

3. Official Social Media Platforms 


1. Official Website

As the most direct platform for users to know about Filmage Screen, the official website not only offers a detailed introduction of it, but also sets up a special window for users to communicate with the developer. There are several main pages for users to find the solutions of any kinds of questions. 


The FAQ page collects the most common questions from users and provides detailed solutions. It contains five sections: General questions, Purchase & License, Screen Recorder, Video Editor and Video Converter. It covers almost any question you may meet while using Filmage Screen. If you have any kinds of questions, you can seek the answers from the FAQ page.    

Video Tutorials

If you didn’t understand well after checking the FAQ page, we also provide video tutorials for you as video is more intuitive than text. In the video tutorials page, it offers step-by-step guides on how to use the functions of Filmage Screen.     


On the blog page, we will share hot topics and latest information about the screen recording industry, tips for recording kinds of videos and other excellent softwares. If you have interesting topic ideas or suggestions, you can share with us.  

2. Customer Support Mailbox

If you still cannot find the solution to your problems or if you have any suggestions you would like to share with us, we’d be really glad to receive your email! We offer a customer support mailbox to answer kinds of questions from our users, and we will reply to any email within 24 working hours. If you didn’t receive a reply immediately, please don’t worry and wait patiently. Here leave our email: [email protected]

3. Official Social Media Platforms

To provide better service and communicate with our users, We are available on all common social channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. We will share the latest news or new functions about Filmage Screen. Also, you can reach us by leaving a message on our social media platforms, our staff are glad to reply to you within 24 hours. Follow us to stay updated with Filmage Screen!     

Now you have learned about how to find us and get help from Filmage Screen by several methods. If you have any questions or suggestions, Please feel free to contact us!   

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